You Will Be My Friend by Peter Brown

I LOVED this book! It was quick enough for me to read to my fifteen-month-old daughter and the pictures were bright and colorful. Lucy Bear’s dialogue is easy to act out and made my daughter smiled for the entire reading and, moreover, stand still for most of it. 🙂

Lucy Bear wakes up one morning and decides that she WILL make a new friend today, by hook or by crook. She tries, and I mean, REALLY tries.  She even gets to the point of blackmailing critters to be her friend – “You won’t get any snacks unless you start liking me RIGHT NOW!” But, of course, the main point is that, to make friends, just be yourself and the right friend will come along when you least expect it.

Oh, and to quote Peter Brown, “Do not yell “You WILL be my friend!” at people. Trust me, it never works.”