BabyLit Books

I made the greatest discovery in Books-a-Million the other day. BabyLit books. These books are the classics, re-purposed for toddlers and early learners. I love this idea! These books are beautifully designed and illustrated board books, re-titled as “primers” on different early learning subjects. For example, Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky is labeled as a nonsense primer. I have already bought three of these for my daughter: Pride & Prejudice, Jabberwocky (for reading time with Daddy), and Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles. So she has counting, nonsense, and sound primers so far.

I’m very excited to collect the rest of these books and start instilling an interest in the classic with my daughter early on, just as Wishbone did for me as a kid. And I’ll tell you a secret: I ended up reading every one of them. 🙂

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