The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory

I have just crested page 100 of Philippa Gregory’s The Kingmaker’s Daughter and I marvel on how much has happened in just these first 100 pages. Let me remind you, there are 412 pages in this book, so I have hardly scratched the surface.

Gregory paints such a picture of tumult, confusion, embarrassment and agony for Anne and Isabel Neville that it breaks your heart over and over again. Within 100 pages, we have had three rebellions and have just embarked upon a third. It’s all rather amazing that so much has happened in only 100 pages.

Anne Neville is an incredibly sympathetic character. You feel for this poor girl who has been taught familial loyalty no matter what and is thus moved back and forth in a deadly chess game by her constantly scheming father Warwick the Kingmaker. You can see the effect that the tumult has on her mind and her heart, as well as on her perceptions of the world. She had been taught that the world was one way and, at a moment’s notice, that idea can be turned on its head, presented as her new normal, and leave her foundering for a foothold, poor girl.

I am greatly looking forward to see what continues to happen with Anne Neville as she and her elder sister are played for pawns by their power-hungry father. Though he may never be able to possess the throne himself, Warwick will take it any way he can and sacrifice whomever he must to make his power complete.

Just how safe can one be? Even his daughters?

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