Sofia The First

Care to guess what I have been reading lately? You got it: children’s books! The most recent is Sofia the First by Catherine Hapkin. This is a Disney publication, the story of a little girl whose mother marries Roland, King of Enchancia, thus raising an ordinary girl to the rank of Princess. There’s just one problem: poor Sofia doesn’t know the first thing about being a princess. And there’s a ball coming up where she’s expected to waltz with King Roland. Oh, dear.

I really enjoyed reading this book to Elizabeth and watching her look at the pictures and smile. The illustrations are graceful and very artistic in their composition. It is also very fun to see familiar Disney characters, such as the three Good Fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, cast in new roles. Most of all, this story teaches a lesson that I want Elizabeth to grow up knowing like the back of your hand: it is perfectly fine to just be yourself, no matter what.

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