Starting Young…

My daughter Elizabeth is two and a half months old now. We spend our days playing, smiling, taking pictures, having tummy time, laughing, and making music, with bottles and naps in between. Oh, and reading. Elizabeth has a bookshelf all her own and part of a bookshelf on Mommy’s bookcase. I read to her all the time; in fact, I try to read to her about four or five books a day. I know that she’s little and she doesn’t understand quite yet, nor will she necessarily be interested, but reading is incredibly important to me, as you know, and I truly want to foster a love of books with Elizabeth. On her shelf are books that I have given her, as well as those gifted by her father, her grandparents, and various others who know her Mommy’s obsession with books.

Some of the books that are on Bizzy’s shelf are:

Her First Bible

God Gave Us You

Night Night, Little Pookie

Into Your Dreams

Baby’s First Book of Action Rhymes

A Fairy Good Friend

The Little Duckling

Why I Praise You, God

The ABC’s of How I Love You

Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree

Peter Pan and Wendy

My Very First Book of Manners

I Love You, Little Pumpkin!

I Love You Through and Through

I also read to Elizabeth from the books that I am reading, such as Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus and Mercedes Lackey’s Elemental Masters anthology Elemental Magic. Granted, she falls asleep in the middle of my reading most of the time but I don’t mind that at all. What better way to fall asleep than to your mommy’s voice reading you an imaginative tale that will continue in your dreams?

I want my girl to grow up loving to read. I would love to have to tell her to go to sleep three times because she’s sitting up reading “just one more chapter!” I want to ask for a Christmas list and have it be mostly books. I want to foster an imagination and love for all things story in our daughter. Love of story and imagination is one of the main things that brought her father and I together. It is her birthright. It is her legacy.

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