The SkippyJon Jones books by Judy Schachner

SkippyJon Jones is a storybook series about a delightful little kitten with a ginormous imagination. If there was ever a book that encouraged children to soar into their own imaginings, it’s these beautifully-painted books about a little Siamese cat with really big ears. In fact, those ears are big enough to convince little SkippyJon (much to his mama cat’s chagrin) that he is NOT a Siamese cat but, instead, a chihuahua.

These books are very fun and delightful and smile-inducing. Schachner plays on the everlasting war between parent and child with SkippyJon’s mother continuously disagreeing with SkippyJon’s behavior. Of course, his response is to go to his room, bounce on his bed, and imagine himself as Skippito the Chihuahua, who knows how to handle every problem.

Who of us hasn’t imagined our problems away, or at least a way to manage them when we don’t know how to in the real world? And somehow those imagingings give us fodder for real action. 🙂 I enjoy books that encourage imagination and creativity in their lives, and I intend on doing all I can to help my children explore their own imaginations, too.

3 thoughts on “The SkippyJon Jones books by Judy Schachner

  1. I looove Skippyjon Jones! So hilarious and cute. I just ordered a couple more of the series for my daughter. Wouldn’t it be cool if one day they made a children’s tv show about it?

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