The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (Infernal Devices #1)

1/16/2012 – When young Tessa Grey took ship to London after her aunt’s death, she thought she was merely joining her brother Nathaniel. Never did she think to find the stuff of gothic penny-dreadfuls walking openly upon the London streets, hidden in plain sights. The horrific findings bring her face-to-face with people who should not exist, people who use magic and witchlights, people with claws for hands and razor-tipped parasols. Downworlders, Shadowhunters, vampires, warlocks, goblins, things that should NOT exist.

Amongst these Shadowhunters are Will, annoyingly arrogant yet charming and fiercely loyal to Jem, a pale, mysterious young man not often seen by the others. There are Mr. Henry and Mrs. Charlotte Branwell, the heads of this Shadowhunters Institute who take a vested interest in Tessa and the new-found abilities she exhibits. And there is Jessamine, a proud, selfish girl who sees the Institute as the bane of her existence where she has been thrust back since her parents’ deaths.

Tessa has been thrown into a world that only inhabited stories as the Institute and its Shadowhunters now look into the disappearance of her brother Nathaniel and his connection to a group called The Pandemonium Club.

UPDATE 2/16/12 – The way that Clare describes vampires is just beautiful. As someone who went through her vampire phase as a teenager and who still plays “Vampire: The Requiem” rpgs, I have very particular view of what a vampire should be like and I think that Clare hit that daeva strain right on the head with her description of Lady Camille Belcourt.

The woman who sat in the tallest of the chairs was slender and stately. A hot was tipped forward on her head, balancing a massive black plume at its top. Her dress was of rich red velvet, her icy white skin swelling gently over the fitted bodice, though her chest never rose or fell with a breath. A rope of rubies wound her throat like a scar. Her hair was thick and pale blonde, clustered in delicate icy curls around her nape; her eyes were a luminous green that shone like a cat’s.”

Further gorgeous descriptions follow, detailing the way that Lady Belcourt speaks and moves, the smallest glance of a green eyes, or the quirk of a ruby mouth. Simply breathtaking!

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