The Silver Blade by Sally Gardener

It’s that time of year again! Scholastic Book Fair. I had to be picky with my choices this year, as I could not afford $357.00 worth of books this year (or ever, I’m pretty sure, at one go). So I cut it down to half but the one book that bought wholly for myself and not my students was The Silver Blade by Sally Gardener. It is the sequel to The Red Necklace, which I reviewed here:

I’m very excited because I didn’t know that Gardener was actually going to write a sequel to the book, or, if I knew, I just forgot over the course of the year. So, yes, this book was wholly for me and not my students; though they got the rest of the $186.00 that I did end up spending at the Book Fair this year. And there’s always the spring one with two-for-one books. ^_~

In case you were wondering, I have a problem, and, no, I don’t want help. ^_^

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