The Captive Queen by Alison Weir

Having adored Alison’s portrayal of one of the most underwritten young women of the Tudor Era, Jane Grey, I was very excited when I saw Captive Queen on the shelves at Target.  I grabbed it up immediately and began reading as soon as we got back to the car.

You are launched into the thick of things in Eleanor’s 29th year and at the end of her marriage to King Louis VII. Eleanor is passionate – emotionally, physically, mentally – and, at first, you think she is making the worst mistake of her life when she spies Henry FitzEmpress, Duke of the Normans, and falls instantly in lust with him, regardless of the fact that she had a quick and torrid affair with his father several months before.

As the story progresses, we see Eleanor’s court of Poitiers as the birthplace of the idea of the troubadour and courtly love, much to Henry’s chagrin but it is most interest to see and hear defenses made for the tradition.

I am enjoying this book thus far and will hopefully finish it before school begins and starts cutting into my time again. ^_^

Finished, 8/18/2010: I truly enjoyed this book. There was so much turmoil and emotion and at times you cannot believe that things could be as hard and sad as they were for Eleanor at times but the triumph of her spirit is amazing.

Weir certainly triumphed with this book and I take my hat off to her once again.

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