The Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale

I was amazed and delighted to find out last year that Shannon Hale had rewritten the Grimm’s fairy tale  The Goose Girl. I loved the story of Isi and her adventures in Bayern, far away from her kingdom of Kildenree. I loved the book and Hale’s re-imagining of the characters and events; she drew you in with Isi and Falada and all that they endured on the road to and in Bayern to return Isi to her rightful place.

The second book in the series is called Enna Burning, which follows a character introduced in The Goose Girl. The best part? This book has been a pain in the rear to find in the bookstore. I have been able to find the other two books in the series but never, ever this one. I mentioned this to a student whom I saw reading the book and the next day, she gave it to me, citing that she never re-reads her books. I was very, very excited, to say the least. YAY!!

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