Book News!

I am so very, very excited! The first sequel to Eyes Like Stars has been announced by Lisa Mantchev. The book will be released on May 25, 2010, and I am extremely excited to read the continuation of Bertie’s adventures with the Midsummer fairies and Ariel, on her way to find Nathaniel, whose been snatched away by the wrathful sea goddess. But I worry about Bertie’s heart. Will it be able to survive Ariel’s machinations and airy allure? Will she be able to keep her heart strong for Nathaniel, or will she lose her heart to the fae sprite that desires to conquer her so? With all that Bertie has learned about her past, her personal history, will she be able to brave the unknown to find her life-long friend, and survive with her soul intact?

I love Jason Chan’s artwork and am just ecstatic that he has continued to do the cover art for Lisa’s novels. I enjoyed Eyes of Stars, as it is chock-full of Shakespeare’s characters, and Shakespeare is a dear old friend of mine.

Lisa is a greatly enjoyable writer and a wonderful PR person. She’s been running contests for advanced reader copies of Perchance to Dream. I want to keep up on this so that I can enter one when the time comes. ^_^ If you’d like to read more about Lisa, visit the Theatre Illuminata, and see for yourself what an awesome writer and person she is.


Update 10/14/2011 – The third book in this series is now available: So Silver Bright.

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