The Sight, The Light Bearer’s Daughter, and Silksinger

These three books are my newest buys. Out of three, I have read the predecessors of two of them. Firebringer by David Clement-Davies was an epic novel about the red deer that filled Briton in its ancient days. I really enjoyed the story of Rannoch and his herd. The Sight is Clement-Davies epic about the wolves of Transylvania. I have tired to read this book before but ended up giving it to a student as a goodbye present, as she enjoyed Firebringer even more than I did. So I am excited to read it this time through.

I read O.R. Melling’s first novel The Hunter’s Moon and very much enjoyed it. It was my first experience with the dark side of the Fae, especially the fae myths and stories of Ireland. I am hoping that The Light Bearer’s Daughter will be just as fun. If the glossary is any indication, it will be. 🙂

Silksinger is the sequel to Blackbringer by Laini Taylor. I have just begun Blackbringer but Silksinger’s cover was too enchanting to leave behind.  I shall definitely be putting these books in my classroom when I am done with them.

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