Read: Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange

UPDATE, 10/03/2009: I am loving Mr. Darcy, Vampyre so far. They have travelled to Paris for their marriage tour and the way that Grange describes the two different levels of Parisian society are amazing: the gauzy, flimsy new nobles and the shabby but proud old aristocracy that has suffered through the Revolution.

“But despite the weary air of both people and surroundings, Elizabeth preferred it to the Rousel house. There, the surface had been dazzling and the undercurrents jaded; here, it was the other wasy about. Beneath their wary smiles, the people were warm and friendly. They had known sorrow and loss but their spirits survived (page 48).”

Lovely! The way that she describes that dazzling, gauzy party is also interesting. The affectations, the high airs that people take, all of it. I adore it. 🙂

UPDATE, 10/11/2009: I have amazed myself by finishing 2/3 of Mr. Darcy, Vampyre already. Venice was beautiful, and Elizabeth got to live my dream for being in that city. Grange’s descriptions were beautiful and lush and it was a gorgeous tapestry in my mind. I am so excited to keep reading. Though I cannot fathom why Elizabeth hasn’t asked more questions about Darcy’s strange behavior. ^_^

UPDATE, 10/15/2009: FINALLY! We get to the meat of this!!!

FINAL UPDATE, 10/17/09: She dropped it, right at the end! Awwwww, it had such potential but the climax came so late that Grange seemed to cop out at the end of it. It had so much meat for a wonderfully dramatic falling action and resolution. Instead, she chose the safe way, gave Darcy a way out and made it, in my opinion, far too easy. The potential disappeared into the night to lick his wounds for another hundred years (which it was just a scratch really), and I am left unsatisfied and disappointed.

Grange’s writing is lyrical and lovely but…the full meal just wasn’t there. Sorry, darling, but you missed it. By about a mile. In the end, you could have strayed from Austen’s style and done us all a great service.

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      If you really want to write, then write. But write for YOURSELF first. And be prepared to work hard and push through any rejections or stumbling-blocks you may encounter. ^_^ Go forth and write!

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