New Buys: Impossible and Mr. Darcy, Vampyre

Impossible by Nancy Werlin is a story based on one of my favorite poems/songs: “Scarborough Fair”. A young woman who is faced with the fate of all the women of her family tree: cursed to perform three impossible tasks or risk falling into madness upon the birth of their child.

This was one of those few books that I buy because the cover captures my attention and my heart, and the idea of the novel intrigues me enough to risk it. I am looking forward to reading this but I will have to clear my schedule before I do so that I can give it my full attention.

By the by, have you noticed that authors like Jane Austen and H.G. Wells and even Mark Twain have been subjected to having their works rewritten to include such things as zombies, sea-monsters, and vampires?  Yep! Normally, I would leave such ‘rewrites’ to languish on the shelf but this one struck me as exceedingly interesting. So I picked up Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange and have begun reading it. I find it quite interesting so far, I must behonest. One cannot fully imitate Ms. Austen’s style, naturally, but Grange does a nice job thus far of representing the characters in her own way.

I very excited to hear the ins and outs of Darcy’s unlife, to be perfectly honest so I thus far I am happy with this buy. ^_^

I’ll keep you updated, darling readers.

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