Paused: The Ruby Key by Holly Lisle

Mankind is Sunkind

And rules by the light;

Nightlings are Moonkind,

And rule in the night;

Or there will be war.

Ever read those books that don’t offer any Prologue? Rather they just toss you into the book and explain as they go? Well, this is one of those stories, and, personally, I enjoy them more often than not. I enjoy learning through characters’ memories and conversations.

All Genna and Dan know is a world of covenant and promise between humans and nightlings. Never to speak, never to meet, never to break covenant and promise. However, now their village cheiften has offered their lives and the lives of everyone in the village as forefeit to the nightlings in return for immortality. Now Genna and Dan must make an alternate deal, with even higher stakes, with the nightlings in order to preserve their lives, those of their family, and everyone in their village.

Holly Lisle’s writing is lovely, her descriptions rich and lovely. AND the text is even printed in indigo! If you like fantasy and magic, this is definitely a book you may want to pick up. 🙂 So far, I’m really enjoying it.

UPDATE, 1/28/2010: I have stopped on this book for now. I took it and put it in my classroom for my students to enjoy. 🙂

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