The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

YAY!!! Here’s one of my happy moments. I never seem to know when Philippa is coming out with another of her wonderful books about Royals but when I see them in the store, it is like Christmas Day!

Gregory’s novels normally are based around Tudor History, focusing on the era of Henry VIII. This novel, however, focuses on the process of creating that great King. The focus of this novel is the White Queen, Elizabeth Woodville, mother of Elizabeth of York, who would one day marry Henvry VII and birth the brilliant but spoiled Henry VIII.

A widow after her husband Sir John Grey, who died in the battles between Edward of York (later crowned Edward IV) and Henry VI. At this time, England was split between two families: the Yorks and the Lancasters. The Lancastrians historically supported Henry VI but, after he was defeated by Edward, Elizabeth’s family turned their coats in support of Edward, much to their own chagrin.

Now a widow, Elizabeth needed a King’s dispensation to regained the lands that were given in dowry to her first husband’s family; they had, so far, refused to return the lands and money to her after Sir Grey had died and Elizabeth had returned to her family’s house. So Elizabeth and her mother concocted a plan to gain the King’s favor. Let’s just say, it worked far better than they’d dreamed.

Now that she is Queen and her family has become the most powerful in England, Elizabeth must now deal with the perils of being royalty. Will she be able to maintain her hold on her reputation and her family’s name?

One thought on “The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

  1. Susan says:

    Cool! I’ve only read one of her books (The Other Boleyn Girl), but it was good. Once I get through the books I have, I’ll have to see if our small library has any of her other books.

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