Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Now, most people would say that if you’ve been in public high school, then you’ve read Of Mice and Men. Not so, gentle readers. Being of a different secondary persuasion, I did not have the opportunity to read this startling ltitle novella until only two months ago, when I realized that I would, in fact, be teaching it to my Advanced 8th grade Literature classes. Needless to say, I really, really enjoyed the book.

Within only 107 pages, Steinbeck was able to convey a great deal of relevant theme throughd direct and indirect characterization. The relationship between George and Lennie, what is said and not said between them, will tug at your heartstrings and awaken your midn. What is friendship? What is true loneliness? How important and/or black and white are innocence and pride? These are all issues that are addressed in this novel and, though those questions may not all be answered, it is a journey worth taking.

It is also a great deal of fun to realize how much we have relied on this novel for many of the sayings that many of my generation have come to recognized as trademarked.

Classic Looney Toons

But I can’t say Sylvester, George.

Lonesome Lenny

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